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Community Payback Order

Summary of Community Payback Annual Reports published

Let's Just Talk about Justice

Nominate your group for one of our 'Community Conversations'

Recruit with Conviction

South West Scotland CJA in partnership with Recruit with Conviction develops toolkit to promote employment of individuals with a criminal record


Community Payback - a community sentence available to Scottish courts.

Offenders repay communities for the damage caused by their crimes - this could include unpaid work to improve neighbourhoods.

Tough intervention programmes address underlying issues that can influence offending behaviour (e.g. drugs or alcohol addiction) to stop them offending again.


Leaves on the Track 2015 Tour

Interactive session for service users in the criminal justice system on impact of crime on individuals, families and communities

The future of the female custodial estate in Scotland

Scottish Government Consultation Event
Presentations now available

Key Documents

Area Plan 2014-17
our three year strategic plan

Annual Report 2013-14
a review of our progress

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